Flagfox 4.1b1 released

Flagfox 4.1 beta 1 has been released today and is now available on Mozilla’s Add-ons site for download or update from 4.1 alphas. Major changes from the final alpha version include autocomplete functionality when typing into the add/edit custom action template field, a new better tooltip for the flag icon, and removal of the now largely obsolete additional icon repositioning options (on that see here).

The full combined changelog for Flagfox 4.1 development versions to date is:

  • IP address location database update for January 2011
  • Added autocomplete for placeholders when typing into the template field in the new/edit action dialog
  • Improved icon tooltip to look better and be easier to read/understand and better to localize effectively
  • Added nationality of domain name to icon tooltip when applicable and differs from server location
  • Added new icon for about: URLs (about:blank still has its own new page icon)
  • Added new side menu for the add action button in the options dialog
  • Added new clone selected action feature (via add menu or ctrl+c hotkey)
  • Added new paste action(s) from clipboard feature (via add menu or ctrl+v hotkey)
  • Added link to custom actions forum to add menu
  • Added new {title} placeholder for page title
  • Added new {meta-*} placeholders syntax to get page meta tags’ data (ex: description, keywords)
  • Added new {locale-*} placeholders expanded syntax for getting specific settings (page, content, UI, OS)
  • Added new {TLD} placeholder to get the top level domain (public suffix; e.g. http://www.bbc.co.uk -> co.uk)
  • Added a text link label for the preview icons button in the options dialog to make it more discoverable
  • Added new default actions to the options: Internet Archive, SSL Checker, URL Parser, Wave a11y Check
  • Added Page Metadata default action to the options (opens in popup dialog)
  • Renamed old “Wikipedia” action to “Wikipedia: Country” and added domain and TLD Wikipedia lookups
  • Replaced Copy Country action with Copy Server Info action: “domain (ip) – country (code)”
  • Added proper support for “javascript:” actions; now executes in sandbox instead of opening URL
  • Made pressing delete key on custom actions in options also select next item for quick multi-deletes/undos
  • Replaced multi-pane help box in the edit action dialog with a single basics pane and a popup for advanced
  • Added buttons for each placeholder in the advanced help popup to paste to the template field
  • Optimized options dialog action list generation to improve performance
  • Improved importing to be smarter: can now take in first found plain text URL or link as starting point
  • Improved drag & drop support to better strip bullet points when dropping action lists into options
  • Improved cold startup time slightly by delaying string bundle loading until needed for menu or tooltip
  • Fixed locale handling for some systems with mixed settings
  • Fixed icon not updating on page refresh if needed and improved performance of update check a bit
  • Fixed extra loading of country names list for edit action and icon set preview dialogs
  • Fixed hotclick menu in edit action dialog to not truncate long localizations or resize menu to selection
  • Removed old icon repositioning options now that Firefox 4 removed the status bar (see here for more)
  • Updated existing experimental Mozilla Weave/Firefox Sync support to use newer pref name format
  • Added support for using the larger logo image in the Flagfox details view in the new Addon Manager
  • Dropped all support for Gecko 1.9.0 based browsers, including Firefox 3.0.x and all Flock versions
  • Removed all Gecko 1.9.0 support hacks
  • Added extractionless XPI opt-out to install manifest for Gecko 2.0+ support
  • This Flagfox development version supports Firefox 3.5 – 4.0b11pre and SeaMonkey 2.0 – 2.1b2pre

Known issues:

  • A SeaMonkey bug has been fixed for SeaMonkey 2.0.12 and 2.1 which will fix the minor address bar history drop-down menu bug affecting all Flagfox versions since 3.3 up to and including 4.1.
  • The new full help popup in the edit action dialog is in need of some improved styling.
  • Internal pages from the about: and chrome: protocols need their own new tooltips.
  • Localization is still pending…

Now that Flagfox 4.1b1 is finally out for testing and I have a blog set up, please feel free to give comments here. You can also email me directly or post in the Flagfox forums.

This beta release is not yet localized but I’ll be uploading a version to BabelZilla for translation soon. There were more than a few delays in getting to this point, not the least of which was my old laptop dying completely, but we should hopefully be able to get through another beta or two and the translation process before Firefox 4.0 is due for release so updating users can update Flagfox to get continued support from the start.


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    • It does if you disable compatibility checking. I was about to bump the supported version remotely a few minutes ago and they didn’t add it to AMO yet so I’ve filed an admin request to get it added so I can bump the support version.

      This same thing happens every time Minefield/Trunk bumps its version. They just didn’t add the new version to the allowed list right away this time.

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