Flagfox 4.1b2 released

Flagfox 4.1 beta 2 has been released today and is now available on Mozilla’s Add-ons site for download or update from prior 4.1 alphas/betas. The big change this beta is the addition of IPv6 support. Flagfox now contains two internal IP location databases, one for IPv4 and one for IPv6, both using data from Maxmind converted to a custom file format for Flagfox. The various transitional IPv6 addresses which have an IPv4 counterpart that can be determined are also supported and will be looked up using the current IPv4 database.

This is also the first beta to have locale updates for the new strings. Some languages are already complete, others are in progress, and others have yet to be worked on. If any of your locale’s strings are not yet updated they will show in English for the time being.

Changelog for Flagfox 4.1b2:

  • IP address location database update for February 2011
  • Added full IPv6 support using data from Maxmind (OS & ISP IPv6 support required)
  • Added support for IPv4 mapped and compatible IPv6 addresses (IPv4 prefixed with “::ffff:” or “::”)
  • Added support for 6to4 and Teredo IPv6 tunneled IPv4 addresses
  • Added localization updates for new strings (translation still in-progress)
  • Fixed a few minor issues with the new tooltip
  • Reworked full help popup in edit action dialog to size and look better
  • Optimized IP database reading a little bit

The changelog for Flagfox 4.1 alpha 1 through beta 1 is over here.

The IPv6 support in Flagfox is bran-new and it would be helpful if as many people could test it out as possible. If like me your ISP does not support IPv6 yet there are free services online that are available, though they may provide slower speeds than if your ISP supported IPv6 natively. I’ve been testing using Hurricane Electric’s free service however there are others out there you can use.

Note that your operating system must also support IPv6 and have its support enabled. Also, if you’ve ever disabled IPv6 support via about:config, don’t forget to turn that on there too, but it should be on by default normally.

You can use ipv6-test.com and test-ipv6.com to test your system/connection IPv6 capabilities. (two very similar names, but they’re both useful in different ways)


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