Flagfox 4.1b3 released

Flagfox 4.1 beta 3 has been released today and is now available on Mozilla’s Add-ons site for download or update from prior 4.1 alphas/betas. This is a minor update with more locale updates and a bugfix for the new IPv6 support.

Changelog for Flagfox 4.1b3:

  • Fixed a bug sometimes causing incorrect IPv6 lookup results
  • More localization updates (translation still in-progress)

The changelog for beta 2 as well as information about the new IPv6 support is over here. The changelog for Flagfox 4.1 alpha 1 through beta 1 is over here.

For anyone curious about the technical details of the IPv6 support bugfix in this update, I’ve posted an explanation over here. Short version: be careful if you use JavaScript with big numbers.