Updated application version support policy

Flagfox 4.1.x supports: Firefox 3.5+ & SeaMonkey 2.0+
Flagfox 4.2.x supports: Firefox 3.6+ & SeaMonkey 2.1+

Once upon a time I had to keep bumping version numbers to keep up with support, but since Firefox 10 addons generally default to compatible. My current policy is as it was the last time I posted to this under-used blog. I regularly use and test Flagfox in the Aurora Firefox channel and still bump the install.rdf versions to keep up with it when I package the monthly Flagfox updates. Flagfox should generally work in nightlies as well, though if it breaks I might not notice for a bit unless someone else tells me.

In my last post, way too long ago, I said I was going to drop support for Firefox 3.5 for Flagfox 4.2 whenever I get around to writing it. Well… I haven’t yet, but I still mean it (probably). I now support 8 EOL major versions of Firefox, which means that should I decide to write anything major I’m really going to want to axe most of that support to do so. If I write a Flagfox 4.2 then Firefox 3.5 support will be dropped, but when I write a Flagfox 5.0 I’m probably just going to drop Firefox 3.5, 3.6, and all 4.0 – 9.0 support, leaving Firefox 10 ESR as the minimum. No, I have no clue when this would be; I’ve yet to make the time to write a new major version in a while. As I continue to maintain Flagfox 4.1.x with minor fixes, locale updates, flag icon updates, and of course IPDB updates, I will of course not be dropping any application support, thus increasing the number of (dead) Firefox and SeaMonkey versions I support every 6 weeks.

Flagfox 4.2 has been released so Firefox 3.5 and SeaMonkey 2.0 are no longer supported. Future versions of Flagfox 4.x will probably continue to support Firefox 3.6.