Config Descriptions 1.0 released

I have written my third Firefox extension and uploaded it to AMO. Config Descriptions is a neat little utility addon that loads up all the source comments for default application preferences and shows them in about:config so you can have a clue as to what the prefs actually do without always having to look them up online. Not all prefs have a comment and a few comments are headers for a group and not particularly useful, but for most that it can show it’s quite useful. The extension is restartless and only a little over 4KB. You can download Config Descriptions 1.0 from AMO now.

Config Descriptions 1.0 supports Firefox 10.0+ and SeaMonkey 2.7+.

If you give it a try please post any comments, suggestions, or problems here.

Config Descriptions 1.0 has passed AMO editor review and is now public.