Flagfox 4.2 released

Flagfox 4.2.0 has been released and is now available on Mozilla’s Add-ons site for download and update.

Flagfox 4.2 is mostly behind the scene changes to get rid of some delays on startup and page change. Flagfox should be a little bit more snappy now.

Changes in Flagfox 4.2:

  • IPv4 & IPv6 address location database updates for August 2012
  • Backend changes to improve responsiveness:
    * Removed dependency on Addon Manager API to access IPDB files on startup; Flagfox starts up faster and shouldn’t break when Firefox breaks here
    * Replaced old polling loop (4Hz) with a new location change progress listener; Flag updates are now done without delay; now fully idle when not used
  • Got rid of special icon for about:blank (nobody could tell what it was, anyway)
  • Changed Firefox EOL warning to show once for users with less than Firefox 10
  • Added a few more commonly resold TLDs to mismatch note exception list
  • Dropped Firefox 3.5 & SeaMonkey 2.0 support;
    removed special cases for them
  • This Flagfox version supports Firefox 3.6+ and SeaMonkey 2.1+

If you are one of the 20 thousand or so still lingering on Firefox 3.5, please update. I just can’t continue supporting such an old version anymore and Firefox 3.6 is considered a “minor” update to Firefox 3.5, which you should’ve installed by now. Yes, I’m aware that Debian stable still uses a version of the Iceweasel Firefox fork based on Firefox 3.5, but Debian is being stupid in this regard. Firefox 3.6 was supported for ages after 3.5, which is long since dead and not getting security updates from Mozilla. If you’re using Debian stable or any other distro based on it, you should be running a Firefox build downloaded from mozilla.org. If you need a version of Firefox that only gets a major update a year or so, then use Firefox 10.0 ESR. Everyone else should be using Firefox 14.0 or later.