Middle-Eastern Translators Needed

I’ve often described the process of getting translation updates out of 40-50 part-time volunteers scattered across the globe as herding cats. Some of the cats are quite busy and I’ve not been able to find them or replacements for them.

For Flagfox 5.0, I may be forced to drop the Middle-Eastern locales: Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian (Farsi). I really don’t want to do this, but the Middle-Eastern translator community on BabelZilla has languished over the past few years to the point where there are apparently no active translators available. If you are at least minimally bilingual in both English and Hebrew, Arabic, or Persian (Farsi), I could really use your help. Most of the locale is unchanged from Flagfox 4.x, so the work needed to get things working for 5.0 is not that great, though sufficient that I do not wish to release a partially translated locale.

For more info, see also a similar post on this topic I’ve written for the official BabelZilla blog. BabelZilla is a great community which could really use your help if you’re able.

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(for any addon, in any language)

Update: We’ve managed to contact the Hebrew translator and have a new Arabic translator. 🙂