Flagfox 5.0b5 released

Flagfox 5 beta 5 is now available for testing. If you have a previous beta installed you should get an automatic update at some point to 5.0b5. (this update does not yet affect stable Flagfox 4.2.x users)

Firefox addon updates can also be checked for manually via Tools / Firefox button -> Add-ons -> click options icon (to the left of the search box) -> “Check for Updates”.

Changelog for Flagfox 5.0b5 (since 5.0b4):

  • Fix flag icon positioning issue under Australis
  • Use higher quality image for beta info link favicon
  • More locale and flag icon updates

Changelogs for previous betas are available here: 5.0b1, 5.0b2, 5.0b3, 5.0b4