Flagfox 5.0 update is live

The Flagfox 5.0.0 update has passed Mozilla Add-ons editor review and is now live for updating from previous verisons. All current Flagfox users, including 5.0 beta testers, will now receive an automatic update to the new version at some point. Note that whilst Flagfox 5.0 does not require a Firefox restart to install or update, Flagfox 4.2 requires one to uninstall first.

All 5.0 beta versions have been taken down from Mozilla Add-ons in order to clear the development versions channel to allow beta users to update. (kind of annoying that I have to do this, but Mozilla doesn’t provide another way to manage what updates get sent out to which channel)


5 thoughts on “Flagfox 5.0 update is live

  1. Love your extension and appreciate your work, but the new icons are horrible. They now dominate my whole visual browsing experience (OSX). Smaller icons would be really, really great.

    Imho it should be as subtle as possible. Probably an alternate setting without flags at all, showing only the national code like US, DE, UK in a small font would be sufficient. It should be all about getting the info if you want to, but not smashing the country in your face every time you look at your browser.

    • They’re not horrible; you just don’t like them. Others do. Personally, I felt the old ones were quite horrible, especially in comparison. No doubt that it is a subjective thing, but they do look correct and work quite well. I’ve already had one person thank me for the new flags because his eyesight isn’t quote good and these new ones are far easier to recognize. There have been a notable (loud) minority that don’t like them, but thus far I’ve had way more positive feedback than negative. As with any UI issue, though, your mileage may vary.

      If you want to try smaller icons, that is currently supported. It’s also possible to try applying user styles. (if anyone comes up with any particularly good ones, comment in the styling post so others can give it a try)

      As to a text mode, that is a decent suggestion. It was something I was considering as an accessibility feature. If there’s actually a desire for it I will take a look into implementing it. Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Thanks for your feedback! And thanks for considering a text mode. Looking forward to future releases.

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