Bitcoin is a promising idea that is horrifically implemented. It’s a decentralized currency at the whims of some poorly run, very centralized exchange servers. I played around with mining a little of it but donated what I had to charity after the first catastrophic crash. Now that we’re 4 highly predictable crashes in, there are, however, still people using it. I get it; PayPal is bad. They, however, aren’t going bankrupt anytime soon. The #1 Bitcoin exchange just did. It just isn’t safe to use unless you’re desperate.

That all being said, if you’d like to donate towards Flagfox development and can’t use PayPal or Amazon, I guess I will put up a Bitcoin address to accept with. Apparently there’s a new lighter-weight client which I can try that should work from the start, instead of after a week of blockchain updates.


If you’ve got any Bitcoin sitting around, the address is above. Hopefully this will work. Again, PayPal or Amazon are preferred.

I was going to also list a Litecoin address, however I can’t find a way to make the client store the blockchain on a drive that actually has space free. So, nevermind on that one.

Edited to add:
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