Flagfox 5.0.2 update released

I have posted Flagfox 5.0.2 to Mozilla Add-ons. After a Mozilla editor signs off, the update will be available to all users, however you can download it before then via the all versions page.

This update contains the IPv4 & IPv6 address location database updates for April 2014. I’ve been releasing on a mid-month schedule for a while now, however it looks like Maxmind might be back to releasing their database updates earlier again so I may go back to beginning of the month updates. I generally try to keep it vaguely consistent if I can to avoid two updates in quick succession.

This version also contains a temporary link to a user survey in the Flagfox menu. (it’s not otherwise advertised) This will help me get some basic stats about how Flagfox’s more advanced users use its actions system as well as the standard questions about what browsers you use and if you use Mozilla Sync. One submission per person please, and also please avoid sharing direct links to the survey. When you load up the survey via the link Flagfox sends some very basic stats in the URL, namely the count of how many actions you have and if you have any custom actions using any advanced features. No identifying information nor the contents or names of any actions are sent. (the parameters in the URL are human-readable; the big number at the beginning is just the survey ID and is the same for everyone) This is disclosed at the top of the survey and no data should be recorded if you do not agree to proceed. The link hides after clicking as this is a one-time survey. If anyone has any issues with this survey please contact me. All submissions are anonymous.