Things I’ve learned from the survey thus far

I have a survey link in the Flagfox icon menu for the current version to get some stats and info about Flagfox actions usage, sync, and some of the services involved here. All submissions are anonymous and I will not be posting raw data, but here are a few interesting things I have learned from this experiment thus far. Note that this survey is not otherwise advertised, so this is a survey of more advanced users. (which is intentional)

  • A surprisingly large portion of people fill out the first page and do not proceed further.
  • There are more respondents that use Mozilla Firefox Accounts Weave Sync (or whatever they’re calling it these days) to sync multiple desktop installations than to sync mobile to desktop.
  • There are is a surprisingly large minority of people who filled out the survey immediately on Flagfox update that say they have Flagfox updates disabled. I suspect there’s a miscommunication here.
  • Over 80% of respondents have made at least one customization to their Flagfox actions. (by adding one, disabling some, reordering the menu, changing shortcuts, or etc.) This is of course not that much of a surprise as I’m specifically polling advanced users that go into the menu. There are, however, fewer people content with the default menu than I thought. Most of these people have not added custom actions, but rather customized the existing menu/shortcuts in some way.
  • The few actions that show particular dislike are, in rough descending order: SiteAdvisor (dislike for McAffe?), Xmarks, Google (generic search of current site)
    The few actions that show particular high usage are, in very rough descending order: Copy IP, Geotool, custom actions (in general), Whois, Google Cache, Internet Archive, My Info, Check Server Status, WOT Scorecard (mixed opinions), SSL Checker, SSL Server Test
  • Some people want more whois/info & trust/security checking actions and fewer related to page ranking. Most generally have no problem with actions that are available but they don’t use.
  • No respondents specifically asked for action folders/tagging this time (at least thus far). Maybe it’s not as requested as I previously thought and people are OK with the current management system?
  • The actions most requested specifically are additional link shorteners.
  • Somebody else requested a text only mode as an alternative to flags. This is increasingly looking like an idea worth implementing.
  • People seem to have a really good opinion of Mozilla Add-ons (website).
  • People seem to have a not that great opinion of Gyft and only a somewhat better opinion of Bitcoin.
  • Germany has a disproportionally high response rate in comparison to others. It’s not that far behind the US. Russia is far further down the list than I thought it would be, probably due to the lack of localization for the survey. This barrier did not seem to be an issue for Germans nor the French.
  • There is still one guy who writes “none” in all the comments boxes, even now with me specifically asking not to do that. :/
  • There is one respondent that actually has a custom form field action, even though I have not documented how to create them anywhere. Nice to know these more advanced features do get usage outside of the default actions by some people.
  • Far more people use Tor than I thought. (I made a point of saying that people did not have to say so if they did not want to, however) I’m not sure how many of those people also use Flagfox through Tor, however over a quarter of respondents said they have used Flagfox from behind a proxy at least at some point. (the flag can’t work behind a proxy, but most actions work fine) Of those that elected to say so, over 13% say they use the Tor Browser at least once a week. Flagfox does support the Tor Browser, as it is based on Firefox ESR, though only the actions system and not the flags. (due to lack of DNS) Geolocation is still possible, but you have to use Geotool (default action for Flagfox icon click) to do so from behind a proxy.

This survey is currently scheduled to run for the remainder of this month, after which point the link in the menu will automatically go away.