Flagfox 5.0.3 update released

I have posted Flagfox 5.0.3 to Mozilla Add-ons. After a Mozilla editor signs off, the update will be available to all users, however you can download it before then via the all versions page.

This update contains the IPv4 & IPv6 address location database updates for May 2014. A few people have been reporting what appears to be a wrong flag for some connections to Google on some occasions. Either Maxmind’s database is/was out of date or that’s just where Google has one of their many servers now. If this update shows the same issue, please feel free to bring it up on the Flagfox forum. However, please remember that I do not personally maintain a map of the entire Internet; Maxmind does that.

As of the 1st of this month, the survey link that was shown as well as the 5.0 first run page are no longer shown and have been removed from this version. There’s also a minor fix for the new form field actions in this update, but it likely affected nobody.