Flagfox 5.0.4 update released

I have posted Flagfox 5.0.4 to Mozilla Add-ons. After a Mozilla editor signs off, the update will be available to all users, however you can download it before then via the all versions page.

Changelog for this month’s update:

  • IPv4 & IPv6 address location database updates for June 2014
  • Flag icon updates
  • Added support for form field actions under e10s
  • Updated TLD mismatch warning country code whitelist
  • Updated Validate.nu action to use new URL (old is down)
  • Minor startup improvements

JavaScript actions still don’t work under e10s, however everything else should work. If you find any other issue testing e10s with Flagfox, please contact me with a bug report.

The Validate.nu action now uses the Nu Markup Checker at validator.w3.org/nu as the previous server is no longer accepting validation requests. (same engine but on new server, near as I can tell) I’ll probably change the name in a future update as I’ll need to get it localized.

There are a few flag icon updates in this release, mostly color corrections. Many thanks to the Wikipedia contributors that take the time to look up the exact official colors in government sources. 🙂