Flagfox 5.0.6 update released

I have posted Flagfox 5.0.6 to Mozilla Add-ons. After a Mozilla editor signs off, the update will be available to all users, however you can download it before then via the all versions page.

Changelog for this month’s update:

  • IPv4 & IPv6 address location database updates for August 2014
  • Added e10s support for JS actions and improved form field handling
  • Significantly reduced usage of CPOWs under e10s (none on page load now)
  • Multiprocess Firefox now fully supported (new install.rdf flag set to true)

Multiprocess Firefox, codenamed Electrolysis (e10s), is a version of desktop Firefox with content (webpages) running in a separate sandboxed process from the browser. This increases responsiveness and security. Mobile Firefox currently uses multiple processes and media plugins (e.g. Flash; not extensions or other addons) in Firefox do as well, however converting desktop Firefox over to multiprocess has been a long road for Mozilla. It looks like this work is going to pay off in the not too distant future. Flagfox has supported testing under e10s mode in nightlies from the start, however JS actions weren’t supported and there were areas where I could improve things to work more efficiently. This update fixes those issues. There are no longer any known issues with e10s and Flagfox, so please report any issues you find.

Note that this version significantly reduces CPOW usage, but does not eliminate them. There are a few lesser used spots where I think using a CPOW is the best route to go. Also note that it looks like they might be changing the API here and the things that do rely on this will probably break when they make that change. I’ll of course compensate in the next Flagfox update thereafter.

This update was delayed a few days due to an ongoing bug in Mozilla Add-ons’ server preventing multiple addon developers from uploading new versions. I managed to upload this Flagfox update by reducing the max supported versions to current Firefox Aurora and the SeaMonkey equivalent, as their bug is apparently in handling the version numbers for Nightly.

Update: The Mozilla Add-ons server bug preventing some uploads has been fixed now.