Flagfox 6.0 Beta 2 with Firefox 57+ support

The Flagfox 6.0b1 post is here. Prior posts on the general topic of this endeavor are here and here. Per standard beta software recommendations, general backup info is here.

Flagfox 6.0 Beta 2 has been posted to AMO’s beta channel for people to test. Everyone who is already signed up for the Flagfox beta channel should automatically get the update.

This update has a bunch of fixes, including 5 things listed in the prior posts’s “known issues” as well as a fix for the proxy problem reported by a beta tester in the comments there. I’ve also got some other fixes, including one that could cause some notable issues if you try to import certain types of actions lists (more than one at once). There’s also 3 new default actions (not in-menu by default, but available via options) and one dropped one, though it was only dropped because it’s now equivalent to another listed one (W3C’s newer validator got promoted to their default, so I don’t need two entries anymore). Also, better favicon handling and icons for those new HTTP security/protocol feature detection tags in the flag icon tooltip. The detailed changelogs for betas to this point are listed below, along with the current known issue lists.

Flagfox 6.0b2 changelog:

  • Fixed proxy detection to work properly with sloppy undocumented behavior of Mozilla’s WebExt webRequest API (Firefox 57+ only)
  • Fixed actions importer to always import action lists with names, using host name or placeholder, if needed
  • Fixed a bunch of little bugs in the new options page (with selection handling, drag/drop, & clone selected action)
  • Implemented manual paste menu item using new API and unified paste handling
  • Added an insecure HTTP tooltip tag, mutually exclusive with HSTS & HTTP/2 tags
  • Improved HTTP protocol/security tooltip tags with simple, easy-to-notice icons (Unicode; all in color, in Nightly)
  • Added ability to handle default action favicons on non-standard paths; all should show, now (improvement over 5.x)
  • Dropped obsolete Validate.nu default action, as it’s now the same as the main W3C Validator
  • Added some new default actions: Is It Up? (alternative status checker), Built With, & Mozilla Security Observatory
  • Added hooks to options for clone selected action (if any) on normal copy/cut, via main menu or hotkey (e.g. ctrl+c)

The changelog for 6.0 beta 1 is here.

For the list of stuff that’s broken because Mozilla/Google’s addon API kinda sucks, read here.

Flagfox 6.0b2 known issues:

  • JS actions are currently not available due WebExt API restrictions; I can probably hack around this
  • The new page element action menus do not yet support actions that use IP addresses (WIP; implementation TBD)
  • There’s sometimes a IPDB recursion error on first startup, though it (usually) recovers with nothing breaking
  • A few RTL issues (always expected; Arabic and Hebrew users are probably used to seeing this in all software)
  • Options edit action dialog autocomplete and help popup are disabled (cut for time; will reimplement later)
  • Options page is kinda ugly, due to having to port to HTML and CSS being horrible (and me sucking at it)
  • Keyboard focus handling in options subdialogs is not working correctly
  • Icon/tooltip sometimes doesn’t update correctly on non-existent domain error pages
  • All page notifications for TLD/IP country mismatches have been disabled until I can make it work better

Bug reports / feedback can be posted in a comment to this post or to the thread on the support forum. You can also email me or send me a tweet or whatever. Comments for old beta posts here will be locked; please post to the new one, so we can keep track of what’s applicable for what version.

Lastly, THANK YOU. There is no deluge of beta testers, but just a handful of people are needed to be a real help. Even if you don’t personally hit anything really bad, posting a comment with any info you think might be helpful would be quite welcome.


4 thoughts on “Flagfox 6.0 Beta 2 with Firefox 57+ support

    • It means Mozilla/Google’s new WebExtension permission model is kinda crap. More precisely, I think that’s the description given for the “<all_urls>” permission / URL pattern. In Flagfox’s case, I need to listen for all WebExt API webRequests to get IP addresses to look up in Flagfox’s IP address location database (based on Maxmind’s data), and will also need to access loaded web pages, for the actions that need them (e.g. all form field actions, where Flagfox needs to auto-fill forms in a page). Basically, you should interpret that message to mean “interacts with loaded/ing website content in some way”. There is a more restrictive “activeTab” permission that is theoretically similar, but restricted to one tab, however that’s not usable for Flagfox. There’s no API to get an IP after-the-fact, or even after the page is cached, so I’m going to need to catch them early, and that means listening for stuff that would be for background tabs. Also, I’ll need URLs for background tabs (which the WebExt API locks down, normally), and Flagfox also has the option to load actions in background tabs, so there’s plenty of other areas where “activeTab” is nowhere near enough to work.

      I’ve got a mark on my todo list to add descriptions for all WebExt permissions that I use to the Flagfox FAQ, as I’m sure you’ll not be the last person to ask this question.

      Also, just for the benefit of anyone else reading this, Flagfox has had sufficient permissions for the past 10 years to set your computer on fire, so there’s nothing new I can ask for, here. 😉

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