Flagfox 6.0 Beta 3 with Firefox 57+ support

The Flagfox 6.0b1 post is here, and the 6.0b2 post is here. Prior posts on the general topic of this endeavor are here and here. Per standard beta software recommendations, general backup info is here.

Flagfox 6.0 Beta 3 has been posted to AMO’s beta channel for people to test. Everyone who is already signed up for the Flagfox beta channel should automatically get the update.

This time, more fixes, including more fixed known issues and more fixed previously-unknown issues. Also, I got JS actions working properly, so they’re enabled now. There’s some changes to startup, so I definitely want to get people using this new version so I can make sure it works better for everyone.

Note: The number of things that only work properly in Firefox 57+ (and unfixable in Firefox 56) keeps growing. I’m considering making the minimum supported version Firefox 57 instead of 56, for the final release. I’ll at least keep it at 56 for the remainder of the beta test, however.

Flagfox 6.0b3 changelog:

  • Rewrote IPDB startup sequence a bit to fix various startup issues
  • Fixed useless context menus loading for options page
  • Relaxed pasteable text requirement for options paste menu item (Firefox 57+ only)
  • Fix “show” checkbox being reset on custom action edit
  • Finished implementation of JS actions
  • Improved default Page Metadata JS action to list everything it can find (with improved formatting)

The changelog for 6.0 beta 2 is here.

The changelog for 6.0 beta 1 is here.

For the list of stuff that’s broken because Mozilla/Google’s addon API kinda sucks, read here.

Flagfox 6.0b3 known issues:

  • The new page element action menus do not yet support actions that use IP addresses (WIP; implementation TBD)
  • A few RTL issues (always expected; Arabic and Hebrew users are probably used to seeing this in all software)
  • Options edit action dialog autocomplete and help popup are disabled (cut for time; will reimplement later)
  • Options page is kinda ugly, due to having to port to HTML and CSS being horrible (and me sucking at it)
  • Keyboard focus handling in options subdialogs is not working correctly
  • Icon/tooltip sometimes doesn’t update correctly on non-existent domain error pages
  • All page notifications for TLD/IP country mismatches have been disabled until I can make it work better

Bug reports / feedback can be posted in a comment to this post or to the thread on the support forum. You can also email me or send me a tweet or whatever. Comments for old beta posts here will be locked; please post to the new one, so we can keep track of what’s applicable for what version.

Lastly, THANK YOU. There is no deluge of beta testers, but just a handful of people are needed to be a real help. Even if you don’t personally hit anything really bad, posting a comment with any info you think might be helpful would be quite welcome.


4 thoughts on “Flagfox 6.0 Beta 3 with Firefox 57+ support

  1. Just installed the 6.0 beta 3 and I have to say it´s working awesome. Great job! Thank you so much. It even got my old settings from 5.2.2. Running on a German FF 57.0.3

    • 🙂

      Flagfox 5.2.x has the migration code to get your settings from old Flagfox versions to the WebExtension storage system. If I didn’t put out 5.2, everyone’s stuff would’ve been effectively lost, as the WebExt API has no import method of any kind (and I almost didn’t, as Mozilla didn’t really advertise this fact). The format everything is in is also currently backwards compatible with everything except for the preference for the “open actions in” pref, so downgrades to 5.2.x shouldn’t lose anything important.

      Flagfox 5.2.x can actually migrate custom actions from as far back as Flagfox 3.3.x (2008), though, at the time it could only do one custom at a time.

  2. I am glad that the flag context menu is not a web/html menu (ugly). The settings page I could deal with : )
    With v57+, it’s not possible to force install OPIE and CLEO to backup/restore settings. A backup/restore option would be a welcome feature.

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