Flagfox 6.0.1 update released

Flagfox 6.0.1 has been uploaded to AMO for download and update. It is identical to 6.0.1rc which was pushed to the Flagfox beta channel a couple days ago (save for the requisite version number change).

Flagfox 6.0.1 changelog:

  • IPv4 & IPv6 address location database updates for January 2018
  • Fixed some caching issues causing IPs to be forgotten in a few cases
  • Fixed RTL issues in tooltip and implemented proper support in options
  • Fixed bugs related to hotclick configuration in the options page
  • Worked-around WebExtension API bug that causes some addon options pages to break in private browsing windows
  • Various JS and CSS cleanups

Many thanks to the people who reported some of the bugs fixed in this release.

If anyone gets the globe icon when a flag is possible, and a refresh fixes it, then please report that here. I’m still working on making my cache not suck. Caching things is easy; caching things without caching everything forever and also not uncaching things too early, is another matter. I really wish there was just an API to fetch IPs from Firefox’s cache, but there isn’t, so I’ve got to listen to the initial requests for stuff to get it, and subsequent requests that hit the cache leave their IP property blank.

I’m considering adding some kind of cache for non-private-browsing windows’ locations to be saved between Firefox sessions and Flagfox updates, as it’s impossible to get locations in those scenarios unless a refresh is triggered (which is at least the case for many session restores).

9 thoughts on “Flagfox 6.0.1 update released

    • This with Flagfox 6.0.1(rc) or 6.0.0? Based on that domain, my worry would be that Firefox is hitting a letsencrypt.org domain for OCSP or something, and thus has IPs for its subdomains usually cached long before you get to the domain for a webpage. (just a guess, though) If that’s the case, I’d have to expand my IP listening and caching even more than planned, which would be not ideal. I’ll look into it more.

      Unfortunately, it looks like I don’t currently have any indicator exposed stating whether a site showing the globe with “Unknown site / CDN” in the tooltip is due to it not being in the IPDB, thus likely a CDN, or no IP being returned by the API. I’m going to add a release-mode warning message to the console for the later so we can debug this sort of thing better. Will be in 6.0.2pre1. Thanks.

  1. Hi! I Stick with FF56 @ FlagFox 5.2.3.
    Please, how to get-rid of annoing annoying notification about me using an older version? ( No, I dont go to FF 57+).
    If I check the checkbox, it still be displaying after close Firefox…

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