The AMO beta channel has been removed

For anyone who (actually) reads what I post here, just a quick note: Mozilla removed the beta channel from Mozilla Add-ons. (The actual timing was delayed from the date of their post. I’m not sure exactly when the change actually went live.) This means that for all addons which used this feature, they no longer have a simple method to have users test addon pre-releases via AMO. Flagfox 6.0 was my most recent use of this system, and it was invaluable. All users who had installed any beta channel version should automatically be updated to the latest stable channel version. Just to be clear, this applies to every addon Mozilla hosts on AMO, not just Flagfox.

I may do another Flagfox alpha/beta in the future, as I have done multiple times in the past, but it’ll require more time and effort, and will have a little less visibility. If/when I do so, this irregularly used blog is where I’ll announce it.

On an unrelated note: The Flagfox 6.0.x and 5.2.x monthly updates are pending, and as usual will be available at the end of the month. I’ve been considering switching from an end-of-month schedule back to a mid-month schedule, but I’ve simply not actually done so yet. Maybe probably next month.