Flagfox 6.1.4 update released

Flagfox 6.1.4 for Firefox 60+ has been released and is available for update and download from AMO.

Flagfox 6.1.4 changelog:

  • Added timeout for favicon fetching (can now handle errors faster)
  • Improved favicon cache to only retry failures after a day or so
  • Replaced broken “Check Server Status” default action with “Is It Up?”
  • Various code, debug, & L10N cleanups

The previous server down checker decided to be ironic and died. It being broken apparently gets handled badly by Firefox, which takes longer than normal/expected to timeout fetching the favicon, which can cause the menus in Flagfox to take too long to load after recent changes. This update fixes this by replacing the primary server status checker with the other one included in the defaults (done this way to keep the localized “Check Server Status” string and default hotclick), and also making my error handling more robust.

I did generally like the old server checker, but even though it’s seemingly working over cleartext HTTP, being completely broken over HTTPS makes it not usable anymore here. Their contact form is also broken, so I can’t even report the problem.