Flagfox 6.1.5 and 5.2.11 updates released

Flagfox 6.1.5 for Firefox 60+ has been released and is available for update and download from AMO. Flagfox 5.2.11 has also been released for Firefox 52 ESR, SeaMonkey, and Firefox forks based on older Gecko versions (or at least anything newer than Firefox 24). You can download it here.

Flagfox 6.1.5 & 5.2.11 changelog:

  • IPv4 & IPv6 address location database updates for September 2018

Mozilla has ended support for Firefox 52 ESR as of a few days ago, and thus this is the final Flagfox 5.2.x ESR update. Everyone should be in the process of upgrading to a currently maintained browser, if they haven’t already. Being labeled EOL does not make it instantly insecure, but continuing to use an out-of-date browser will eventually make yourself a danger to yourself and others. Yes, I’m well aware Mozilla has made a lot of mistakes here, but we’re all hostage to security updates, eventually. Direct your annoyance at somewhere other than here, please. (fortunately, the complaints I’ve received have at least been polite)

This also marks the end of official SeaMonkey support in Flagfox, until they get their act together and implement sufficient WebExtension API parity with Firefox 60 for things to work (and of course, fix the bugs that caused me to disable WebExt storage support in Firefox 5.2.x). If anyone knows what’s going on with them, I would be appreciated for some info. Is the SeaMonkey project dead, or is a Gecko 60 version actually coming?