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Issues with Flagfox 5.0 under certain themes

Apparently the default Mac OS X Firefox theme is squishing the icons a little bit. The different OSes have varying theme characteristics in the current version of Firefox. This is a pain in the ass for development, especially because I don’t own a Mac. I had about 200 beta testers for a month or so, …

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Customizing the Flagfox icon style

Previously, in Flagfox 4.2, we had two different flag icon sets. Neither was perfect; both had different issues. The primary one was stylized with a gloss effect. The secondary one was stylized to be brighter. Both were too small, and the secondary one was actually upscaled. Aspect ratios were a mess and the colors were …

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Converting an old overlay-based Firefox extension into a restartless addon

Converting an old overlay-based Mozilla Firefox extension of non-trivial complexity into a restartless addon used to be impractical. When restartless addon support was added in Firefox, quite frankly, it was a partially implemented mess. Bugs have been filed and fixed over the years, sometimes taking forever to see any progress, some not at all. I …

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