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Converting an old overlay-based Firefox extension into a restartless addon

Converting an old overlay-based Mozilla Firefox extension of non-trivial complexity into a restartless addon used to be impractical. When restartless addon support was added in Firefox, quite frankly, it was a partially implemented mess. Bugs have been filed and fixed over the years, sometimes taking forever to see any progress, some not at all. I …

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An entropy based password strength checker in a data URI

Sometime last month, around the time that some major breaches of user databases from some popular sites were making the news, I got to thinking about password strength. Fred Wenzel’s post about storing user passwords is a great read on the topic, and one little part struck me: for unsalted quick hashing algorithms, if the …

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Apparently, JavaScript can’t do 64-bit math

Sometimes fuzzy variable types can bite you in the ass. I tested my initial implementation of IPv6 support in Flagfox on quite a few sites and all seemed well when I released the first test version with it, Flagfox 4.1b2. Today I decided to test a wider variety of IPv6 addresses and compare them to …

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