Flagfox 5.0b2 released

Flagfox 5.0 beta 2 is now available for testing. You can download it from the Flagfox versions page on Mozilla Addons. If you have Flagfox 5.0b1 installed you should get an automatic update at some point to 5.0b2. (this update does not yet affect stable Flagfox 4.2.x users)

Firefox addon updates can also be checked for manually via Tools / Firefox button -> Add-ons -> click options icon (to the left of the search box) -> “Check for Updates”.

Seeing as one of the major new features in Flagfox 5.0 is restartless installation and updating, having a second beta to update to is useful to test the restartlessness. Hopefully I’ve gotten all the kinks worked out. 😉

Changelog for Flagfox 5.0b2 (since 5.0b1):

  • Changed actions customizations pref format to store using less space
  • Added support for getting fields by name as well as ID via form field actions
  • Added SSL Server Test (Qualys SSL Labs) default action
  • A few more minor code improvements

Installing Flagfox 5.0b2 will convert an existing Flagfox 4.x or 5.0b1 set of actions preferences and customizations into the new format. There is no downgrade path. As previously mentioned, test in a new Firefox profile if this is an issue for you (and backing up your stuff regularly is a general good idea if you ever install anything with “alpha” or “beta” in the version).

To see the rest of the changes in Flagfox since version 4.2.17, read the changelog for Flagfox 5.0b1 here.


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