Flagfox 6.0 release candidate

Prior posts: 6.0b1, 6.0b2, & 6.0b3.

Flagfox 6.0rc1 has been posted to AMO’s beta channel for people to test. Everyone who is already signed up for the Flagfox beta channel should automatically get the update. If nothing explodes too drastically, this will be the version released to the main update channel, shortly. The only differences between 6.0rc & 6.0 release should be the lack of an “rc” in the version field and a different first-run URL. If you’re in the beta and leave this new update installed, you’ll get future beta updates; if you install the final release version, you’ll only get main release updates.

Note: Due to short litany of problems with the WebExtension API under Firefox 56, the soft minimum required Firefox version will be set to Firefox 57 on AMO. The addon itself will technically be installable in 56, but the site won’t suggest it. I may or may not change that in the future.

There’s a bunch of fixes since the 3rd beta, but nothing particularly drastic. I made an attempt at getting the more complex host-IP cache needed to have IPs be accessible to the new in-page Flagfox menu actions, but I don’t want to delay releasing a stable working version to the main channel if I now have it, seeing as it’s a month and a half overdue to run in current Firefox (non-ESR).

Flagfox 6.0rc1 changelog:

  • Disabled actions that need a content script on protocols and Mozilla domains blocked by the WebExt API
  • Added domain names of actions (that have a URL) to their tooltips in the options page
  • Fixed keyboard affecting main options page while a subdialog is open (e.g. actions list selection)
  • Fixed custom action deletes not removing the item from the menu immediately
  • Changed options page to autosave actions JSON to storage rather than wait for tab close
  • Fixed icon/tooltip updating for error pages
  • Fixed TLD nationality not showing in tooltip for mismatch notification blacklisted ccTLDs
  • Changed TLD nationality to always show for nation-restricted non-ccTLDs (IDN TLDs require Firefox 57+)
  • Fixed Geotool keyboard shortcut
  • Added Online Video Converter to default actions list (not in menu by default)

Changelogs for the beta releases preceding this are 6.0b1, 6.0b2, & 6.0b3.

Remaining known issues:

  • The new page element action menus do not yet support actions that use IP addresses (WIP; implementation TBD)
  • A few RTL issues (always expected; Arabic and Hebrew users are probably used to seeing this in all software)
  • Options edit action dialog autocomplete and help popup are disabled (cut for time; will reimplement later)
  • Options page is kinda ugly, due to having to port to HTML and CSS being horrible (and me sucking at it)
  • All page notifications for TLD/IP country mismatches have been disabled until I can make it work better

The only real outright bugs (aside from the results of me sucking at CSS) are in RTL locale handling, which I will get to over time. Getting the full help popup working shouldn’t take too long, so I’ll see if I can prioritize that for 6.0.1. Getting the notifications to not be crap will require me to ditch the WebExtension notifications API and try to write my own custom system, if that’s even possible, so no clue on the timeline for that.

Bug reports / feedback can be posted in a comment to this post or to the thread on the support forum. You can also email me or send me a tweet or whatever. Comments for old beta posts here will be locked; please post to the new one, so we can keep track of what’s applicable for what version.

Lastly, THANK YOU to everyone who installed the beta. I have gotten useful bug reports which have resulted in fixes for things I would’ve missed without the beta, so it’s definitely been worth it. Please don’t stop reporting new issues if you find them.


3 thoughts on “Flagfox 6.0 release candidate

  1. 6.0rc1 just installed itself in the background and opened a new tab with this page on its own while I was reading an article – which is kinda annoying.

    It’s great to see the progress made on dealing with WebExtension and all its faults, but could we at least get an option to disable this automatic website opening?

    • Thinking further, I believe it should be Mozilla’s responsibility to have Firefox control if an add-on is allowed to open new web pages automatically. Otherwise you get unwanted tabs from extensions every startup or session rather (especially if you have a lot of them).

      • Sorry, I keep first-run pages restricted to major releases and betas, but I went through a whole bunch of beta fairly quickly, so it probably ended up feeling a bit spammy to some people who installed a beta. It’s pretty much standard procedure for a lot of addons, but yeah, it’s not a great user-experience all the time. There shall be far fewer, from now on.

        I vaguely remember Mozilla once saying they wanted to create some sort of standardized way for addons to properly notify users of major updates to deal with this better, but there really isn’t any such thing at this point. Maybe I’ll consider a notification to ask to show the tab instead of opening automatically, or just open in the background so you can get to it whenever. I am currently using the built-in WebExtension API’s tracking of when an addon is installed/updated to decide when to show, which is new, so that’s marginally better than having to track manually, but yeah, this could be better.

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